A BIG thanks to this year's recyclers


We would like to take a moment to thank our long list of recyclers who have come to the Burney Transfer Station this year to recycle their cardboard, appliances, e-waste, waste oil, antifreeze, paint, metal and more! Thank you also to our recyclers in Fall River who may not be mentioned here. We appreciate all of you! Together we make a big difference! Stay tuned for monthly updates as we thank each one of our awesome community recyclers by name. You deserve it! 

Pit River Tribe
Mayer’s Memorial Hospital
McDonald’s Restaurant
Tim Cormack
Clark Frontin
Tim Miller
Jim Lawson
Tom Smith
Holly Cohen
Ross Alessandro
Terry Pearson
Chris Smith
Willie Lyons
Devin Beck
James Hribar
McArthur Farm Supply
Leigh Harris
Will Scott
Perez Trucking
Helio Power
Al Small
Terry Briggs
Edward Martinez
Tony Conrad
Stan Vigolo
Rob McCraig
Duke Energy
Ralph Lane
Mike Shoemaker
Terry West
Rick Doughtery
Melissa O’Neill
Brian Moss
Shelby Vaughn
Fall River Elementary School
Fall River Hotel
Cody Robertson
Jim Estes
Matt & Mike Herndon 
Scott Herringer
Wayne Kellingsworth
Dennis Williams
April Gallion
Eddy Madera
Jason Estes
April Sims
Burney Fabricare
Bill Shiperly
Shelly Tryan
Fall River Joint Unified School District
Jasmine Robertson
Phil Cane
Robert Schooley
Brian Mallard
Jose Vanegas
Senior Transportation
Peter Prevost
David Armendariz
Mike Vaughn
Darrell Meeker
Rudy Gallion
Tanner Gallion
James Lawson
Jim Davenport
Gary Smith
Clayton Vaughn
Rocky Leonard
Don Johnson
Terry VanWormer
Leo Jones
Mt. Burney Theatre
Intermountain Body Works
Blackberry Patch Restaurant
Jeffery Meyers
Robbe Adams
Zane Clair
Tom Miller
Art Allen
Jason Tryan
Tony Adams
Marion Mills
Jered Waller
Devon Beck
Matthew Busby
Blake Connors

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