Fire Place Ash: The Most Dangerous Thing You Throw Away

22-Sep-2017 With changes in the weather come the inevitable puffs of smoke from chimneys, adding to the cozy, fall feeling. Here in the high country, wood burning stoves are excellent energy savers and many homes are equipped with them, burning cords of wood and producing many pounds of ash. At Burney Disposal, Inc. we protect jobs by avoiding automation, which means our guys lift cans by hand and not with machinery. Doing things the old-fashioned way definitely has its benefits but it also comes at a risk when folks fail to bag their garbage, especially when fireplace ash is involved!

Fireplace ash can cause respiratory distress, skin irritation and eye injuries should anyone come in contact with it. If the ash is still hot or contains burning embers it can be even more dangerous, causing fires in the hoppers of garbage trucks (or forest fires if embers escape the truck). Hot ash and embers are also extremely dangerous to drivers should they come in contact with them, causing burns and severe injuries to the face, eyes, and inner-ears. To avoid creating hazards for our drivers and the community, please follow these guidelines when disposing of your fireplace ash:

1. After removing ash from your fireplace, allow it to sit in a safe, metal container until it is fully cooled and no longer contains embers. Adding water to the ash can help expedite this process but will create a thick "sludge" that will be more difficult to dispose of. Allowing time for the ash to cool (several days if possible) is your best option.
2. Securely bag ash separately from other garbage then place in your can, which should also be lined. This will create a double-bagged barrier to protect the drivers.

Please keep in mind, it is part of your customer contract to bag all garbage. There should be no loose garbage in your cans when the drivers come to dump them. Place your cans out the night before your pick-up day and let us know if you have any questions! Thank you for helping us keep our drivers safe!

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