August 2-Yard Bin Specials at YOUR service!


Back by (very) popular request are our 2-yard bin specials for the month of August! Come on by the office and pay $100 and receive your very own 2-yard bin, up to 3-days bin rental and removal of up to 500 lbs of refuse! Have a clean-up project? Want to get rid of some yard waste? Have a garage that REALLY needs to be cleaned out? This promotion is the answer to your garbage-hauling prayers. Some restrictions do apply to your bin special so be sure to read below to ensure your project is compatible with this service. 

Happy cleaning!! 

  1. Bin specials are $100 per dump or per 3-day rental. 
  2. Bin specials are available only in Burney, Fall River Mills and McArthur (in town only). 
  3. Items such as roofing, hazardous waste and containers full of liquid (paint, grease, etc.) are not permitted in the bin.
  4. Longer, ridged items such as boards or pipes are OK in the bin as long as they are not in excess of 3 feet (and the bin lid can close with the items inside). 
  5. Bins in excess of 500 lbs. will be left and the renter will be charged an additional $100 service fee and required to remove excess refuse before the bin is hauled away.
  6. In order to rent the bin, you must sign a rental agreement and pay the $100 cost up front. 

If you have any questions please call the office at 530-335-2723 or come on by at 37484B Cornaz Drive in Burney! 

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