BDI Staff Completes CPR/AED Training


Burney Fire Protection District gave an excellent class for CPR/AED training today, rounding out a month-long effort to certify the entire Burney Disposal, Inc. crew and management team. Only three staff members remain to be trained, the rest have successfully completed the training and will receive their certification cards shortly. The course, given locally at the Burney Fire Hall, includes CPR/AED for adults, children and infants as well as training for responding to choking and opioid overdose. The course is a combination of video, interactive instruction and practice/repetition of the skills needed to save lives in real-life situations. Our drivers, office staff, mechanic and management team completed the course with flying colors and highly recommend it to other businesses looking to add to their safety programs/training protocols. It is wonderful to think that our staff, which operates out in local neighborhoods and camp grounds, will now be equipped with the skills necessary to save lives not only while on the job but also in their own homes and in every walk of life they find themselves in. We would like to thank the Burney Fire Protection District for offering such a wonderful course locally and our drivers and staff members for being so enthusiastic and doing such a great job at the trainings! Excellent job, everyone!  

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