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Some customers have mentioned their anti-virus software has alerted them to the possibility that our website or bill-pay is "unsecured." Please be advised that we have researched this issue extensively and have been assured by Elevon: our credit card processing company, the bank through which we process these transactions, SoftPak: our point of sale programmers and TrustWave: our third party, security watch company that the site and all payment processing done through the site is 100 percent secure and safe. Since the majority of our customers are not having these issues, we suggest that the issue may be one in the settings of your software. Also, if you do not use our site often, your software may simply be warning you that this is not a "trusted" site that you have used many times before. As always, if you do not feel comfortable processing payments online, please call our office at 530-335-2723 and we can take your credit card payment over the phone, inputting it directly into our system as we would if someone were to present a card to us in person. Dropping a check off in person, paying in cash, or mailing a check or money order are also viable options. Please do remember that our mail systems here can be slow, especially during the holidays and allow enough time for your payment to arrive no later than the 10th of each month to avoid our small, 50 cent late charge.


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