Clarification For Cardboard Recyclers

30-May-2017 Attn: Cardboard Recyclers

The Burney Transfer Station is still accepting cardboard at no charge from residential and commercial customers! However, there are rules that must be followed in order to insure we accept your cardboard free-of-charge once you arrive at the transfer station.

1. Clean and Dry: You cardboard must be clean without grease, oil, dirt, mud or water. These contaminants are unacceptable to cardboard recyclers and can cause the hauler to reject the entire load. We will not accept dirty cardboard free of charge. If you bring dirty cardboard, it will be charged at the regular rate for trash.

2. Flat: Your cardboard must be flattened before you bring it to the transfer station. Please do not bring unflattened cardboard. If you have not flattened your boxes, you will be charged at the regular rate for trash.

3.Separate: Due to folks throwing garbage into our cardboard recycling bin (which contaminates the load) we will now require that cardboard be brought out in separate loads from all garbage. If you bring cardboard to the transfer station with the rest of your garbage, the entire load will be charged at the regular rate for trash.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 530-335-2723 and speak to Elizabeth.

Thank you for recycling with us! Back To Recent News

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