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As many folks already know, Burney Disposal is working with community members to bring service to homes in the Day Road area. The organized effort of residents on Day Road has been fantastic and we thank everyone for their hard work in helping us reach out and possibly extend our service to you and your neighbors.

In this phase of the new program, it is important for everyone to know what garbage service looks like, how the program will likely work and the cost of starting and maintaining curbside collection on Day Road.

We are compiling a list of folks in the Day Road area who can agree to the terms of service and are willing to “pledge” to start service as soon as we get enough participation from the area. Right now, the list has 19 households on it. Since we only need 25 to launch, we expect service to begin very soon!

If you are considering adding your name to the list, or know someone who may be interested, please consider the following to ensure our service is the right choice for your needs. While we hope to see this program launch successfully, we in no way expect everyone to participate. Please know that there is no pressure to comply with the following requirements. If our service is not right for you at this time, we encourage you to make the best choice for you, your budget and your lifestyle.

However, if the following service is a good fit for you, please call the office at 530-335-2723 and add your name to the list!


The cost of having up to three 32-cans picked up once per week is roughly $30 per month (figures to about $7.50 a week on a four-week month). This amount is subject to a monthly fuel surcharge that usually amounts to a matter of cents (not dollars) and comes directly from the state. For the last two months, the price of diesel has been low and there has been no fuel surcharge on the bills. If the price goes up, you may see the fuel surcharge. However, even with the few extra cents, your monthly bill will always be right around $30 unless you call for us to add cans, etc.

To start service, you must pay a deposit along with the payment for your first month of service. The deposit is twice the amount of the flat monthly rate and comes to 60.32. You will pay this and your first moth of service when you sign up. The total to start service is 90.48 and pays you through your first month of service. The deposit will be refunded to you should you discontinue service at any time but will be held on your account during the entire duration of your agreement with us. Unfortunately, the number of customers who have left town or otherwise left us “hanging” with their unpaid bills has forced us to join other utility companies in collecting service deposits.

Pick Up:

Your cans will be picked up once per week as part of our regular, Fall River Mills routes. Your drivers, Mike and Matt, will drive the truck down county maintained parts of Day Road and Iris Road. All cans will have to be placed on the road the night before pick up day in order to be dumped. For those customers who live at the end of long driveways or on roads that are not county maintained, you will be instructed to bring your cans to the end of your driveway or to a central location for pick up. We will clearly mark the central pick-up areas where cans should be left and give you further instructions when you come in to start service. It is important to reiterate that if you do not live directly on Day Road or Iris Road, you will likely have to bring your cans to the main road or to a designated pick up area in order to have them serviced. When you sign up for service, you will be notified where to take your cans.


We live on a very nice, well-maintained cinder road that is kept clear of snow in the winter. Can the trucks come down our road to pick up our garbage even though the county does not officially maintain it?

Unfortunately, we cannot. Because of our contracts and the rural nature of the area, we cannot allow our drivers to leave paved, county-maintained roads. Our county contract, commitment to drivers’ safety and dedication to fairness to other, rural customers governs our decision to stay on county maintained, paved roads. If you have concerns, please call Elizabeth at 530-335-2723 and she would be happy to discuss solutions with you.

We are worried that animals will get into our cans if they are grouped together at a pick-up location or placed at the end of our long driveway. What happens if animals tip over our cans and make a mess?

This is one of the situations we face on a regular basis as the franchised garbage hauler for such a beautiful, remote area. We have been serving customers (and dealing with our furry and feathered friends) for nearly four decades. We have many ideas and solutions to share with you should this become an issue. However, our drivers are wonderful at doing their jobs and regularly go the extra mile to ensure excellent service. They will be on the “front line” of this problem and will be sure to let us know right away if animals become a problem. Open communication between our Day Road area customers and our office will also be very important, especially in the early days of this program. Please call with any problems you face and we will be sure to help remedy them right away.

I have physical limitations that stop me from being able to carry my cans to the road. How am I supposed to take advantage of this service if I can’t get my cans out to the pick-up location?

Never under estimate the power of a close-knit community. We can help! If this is an issue for you, try talking to your neighbors to see if anyone can help you by hauling your cans with their own to the pick up location. If you can't find anyone to help you, give Elizabeth a call at 530-335-2723 and we will work with you to find a solution.

If you have any other questions, please call 530-335-2723 and ask for Elizabeth. As the liaison for this program, she would be happy to assist anyone who has interest or concern about Day Road service.

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