Disposing of Christmas Trees with BDI


When it's time to throw away your Christmas tree, please remember that promptness is key if you wish to do so without incurring a cost. Christmas trees will be picked up free of charge through 1/9/17 or two weeks after Christmas.  Our contract with Shasta County requires us to pick up trees free of charge for the first week after Christmas, we extend the program for an extra week for those of you who want to keep the Christmas spirit alive for a bit longer. Please cut your tree in half and set it out with your garbage. Our drivers would be happy to pick it up.

Should you need to dispose of a Christmas tree after the 9th you will need to contact the office and have a work order generated. There could be a charge associated with this. Please contact our office and discuss options with us so we can help you decide the best way to dispose of the tree after the 9th.

Happy New Year!

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