Drivers' Request: Please Clear Snow From In Front Of Cans

04-Jan-2017 Hello, fellow winter-wonderland residents! Our drivers made it back today safe and sound (whew!) but they had a few requests for our customers. Please place your cans on the road-facing side of any snow berms that have been created by snow plows. The guys climbed over hundreds of berms today to retrieve cans but it creates too much strain on them physically, is a drain on time and is much to dangerous to expect them to continue to climb those berms. If you can, shovel the snow. If you can not shovel the snow, please place your cans on the road, out of the way of oncoming traffic, without snow blocking them. Our garbage men will be out in the weather again tomorrow morning and sincerely appreciate our customers for helping them provide excellent service despite the weather! We hope you are all staying safe on these crazy roads! Please call the office at 335-2723 with any concerns or questions. See you all again tomorrow morning! If your garbage was missed today, please call the office. We would be happy to discuss your options with you. -BDI Back To Recent News

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