FAQ for Mount Shasta Customers

Hello and happy Monday to our customers in beautiful Mount Shasta. During our first week of service in your area we received several questions from customers wanting additional information. We know that for every one customer who calls, there are many customers with the same question. We want to be sure everyone is able to access information and answers about their new service quickly and simply! As we learn your area and you learn about our company, we are absolutely confident that any problems we experience will be easily resolved. Our impression is that the people of Mount Shasta are wonderful, community-minded folks who share many commonalities with our other customers as well as with our staff and leadership team. As long as we continue to pull in the same direction, we will be able to achieve a system of refuse and recycling collection that elevates the city and creates a positive impact on each resident and business owner as well as our shared global ecology. It is our goal to work diligently to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

FAQ - Mount Shasta

Q. I have questions or problems and I'm not sure who to call. Do I call you or the city?
A. Great question! For now, please go ahead and call the city for service requests, service questions and billing inquiries. In order to ensure that the city is aware of challenges customers are facing as well as new service requests, etc. it is important that we establish a "flow" of information. The city is doing a great job of passing information on to us as soon as it comes in to them. Please continue to call them at 530-926-7510 and we will address your questions and concerns as soon as they come to us! 

Q. I’m concerned about putting my garbage out the night before. What if the garbage attracts bears or other wild animals?
A. We hear you and are absolutely on the case! Our company as well as all other refuse companies in California adhere to industry standards for road and community safety. These standards require that refuse vehicles do everything within their power to be off of the roadways before school children, walkers/joggers, bike riders, commuters and busy drivers begin their day. In order to adhere to these standards, our drivers start very early in the morning.

Most other rural areas in the state are already being served by haulers who adhere to these safety standards with little to no issue with wildlife. Our customers in Big Bend, the outlying areas of Fall River Mills, rural areas of Burney, Hat Creek, Cassel, Pitville, Day Bench and Old Station as well as many customers served by other companies in remote areas such as Whiskytown, Shasta Lake City, Shingletown, Lake Tahoe, etc. are all placing their garbage out the night before pick up day or very early in the mornings without much incident. All of these areas of California are home to many species of wild animals, including bears.

Of course, there is a chance that bears will find your garbage cans. If you want to be extra cautions, bear/animal-proof garbage cans are available at most hardware stores and online in the required 32-gal size. Our customers in areas heavily populated by bears have found that simply placing bungee cords on their cans is enough (as hard as it may be to believe).

Additionally, many people already store their cans outside alongside their homes. There seems to be a notion that once placed on the road, these cans become somehow more alluring but the opposite is true. If a can left outside alongside a home is not bothered, it is extremely unlikely that a can on the road will be any different. Bears and other wildlife are not drawn to roadways -- for obvious reasons.

Please try to understand that these are not arbitrary rules or schedules designed to somehow aggravate you or your fellow residents. Rather, they are industry standards to ensure the safety of your town and ease congestion on your roadways.

While there are always growing pains and resistance is completely normal when change occurs, we are confident that you will come to find that our service far exceeds your expectations. We are also confident that you, like the many other rural residents of California, will find that early-morning pickups are actually very convenient and cause very little trouble.

Q. I’ve heard it’s going to be months before commercial customers get bins for their trash. Is that true?
A. No, we would never let that happen! It's not our style. Brand new bins are being fabricated as I type this message and are being rushed to the city post haste! The first delivery of bins will take place April 13 and the second delivery will take place April 19. In short, all commercial customers will have brand new bins by the end of the day on April 19 barring any unforeseen problems with the delivery.

Q. Why didn’t you plan ahead to make sure bins would be here on time? It has been a hassle for businesses to put garbage out on the ground.
A. We absolutely agree and wish we would have been able to start off with a better system for our valued commercial clients. Because of the circumstances surrounding the transfer of the hauling contract to our company, we had only 14 days to prepare to bring our services to the Mount Shasta area. We ordered bins as soon as we found out they would be needed. Unfortunately, bins are not “ready to order” and are fabricated and painted after the orders are placed. Our company shouldered the extra cost of rush processing and delivery to ensure the people of Mount Shasta would have bins by the end of April. We agree that it was not an optimum situation but we are very grateful for the overwhelming show of support we have received from most local businesses! Thank you for being so understanding as we do our very best to provide you with excellent service.

Q. I have experienced some difficulties with my service since you took over. What is going on?
A. We are so sorry if anyone has had any problems thus far. Because we had only 14 days to assemble a team, procure trucks, order bins and determine a service strategy for your city, this has been very much a learn-as-you-go undertaking for us. Our drivers are working closely with the city and our office is working diligently to trouble shoot, notate and provide solutions for upcoming problems (of which there have been relatively few). Thank you for bearing with us as we learn to navigate your beautiful city! We have also ordered new routing software to help us hasten the learning process! It should be in our trucks by the end of May, ready to elevate our level of service even more. If you experience trouble with your service, please call the city at 926-7510 and explain the situation. We are dedicated to making it right! We would like to thank all of those who have been kind and polite to our new friends at the city as we navigate this transition. We are so grateful to be a part of such a solution-oriented community!

Q. I’ve never even heard of your company. Who are you?
A. Pleased to meet you! Burney Disposal, Inc. is a small, privately held company hailing from the Intermountain Area in neighboring Shasta County. The owner, Tom Ghiorso founded BDI in partnership with his parents in 1977. The family’s heritage in the waste industry dates back to Tom’s Grandfather, Giovanni who established his garbage route in San Francisco in 1906. Tom’s wife, Gwen and daughter Elizabeth work alongside him in what has become a successful operation spanning a vast service area and providing customer-service excellence and industry innovation for the past four decades. Burney Disposal, Inc. will launch Summit Disposal, a subsidiary of the original business as a brand-new, Siskiyou Co.-based entity in the very near future. Our goal is to bring living-wage jobs, tax dollars and service excellence to your community while becoming an asset to the people of Mount Shasta -- as we have been to the people of our current service areas for the past 42 years. To learn more about our team, our company history and our service please visit www.burneydisposal.com. We look forward to launching Summit Disposal, which will have its own website and social-media presence very soon. Stay tuned!

Q. Are your trucks driving all the way from Burney to Mount Shasta every day?
A. No, they are not (we love our trucks, drivers and our environment too much to do that) Our trucks are being housed in your city and our drivers are relocating, as well. This will reduce the carbon footprint of our company as well as allow us to provide better service from a local depot.Our drivers are very excited to be the newest members of your community! While we will miss them around here we know they will absolutely love moving their families to such a dynamic new town!

Q. I see on your website that you pride yourselves on being an asset to your service communities. What do you mean by that?
A. In short, we love on our communities as much as we possibly can! Burney Disposal, Inc. is a small-town company with rural roots. Our rural customers have deep ties to their communities, their neighbors and their environment and our company is proud to invest in those ties to the fullest extent possible. Burney Disposal, Inc. provides thousands of philanthropy dollars to local charities, youth sports teams, service organizations and more. We also donate garbage service to local events such as Burney Basin Days and the Rotary Club's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, which brings hundreds of tourists to our area each year. Our company participates in fundraisers, shows up for community service projects and invests itself fully in the communities we serve. We have also developed the “Stop, Look and Listen” program, which we implement at local elementary schools each year. The program brings children and local businesses together to talk about road safety. Hundreds of local Tk-6th graders learn about the roles they play in keeping themselves safe on the roadways while drivers are reminded of the most important reason to drive safely – the children in our communities. This program was launched in 2017 and has grown to involve more than 20 local businesses and governmental entities. We look forward to launching “Stop, Look and Listen” in Mount Shasta very soon!

Q. I have more questions and I don’t know who to call to discuss them.
A. Let's get you some answers! The City of Mount Shasta is currently handling service-related questions as well as billing inquiries at 530-926-7510. Our wonderful new friend Rhonda is passing the information and questions along to us as it comes to her and we are working with our team on the ground to remedy issues as the arise. However, if you have general questions about our company or concerns that you feel would be best answered by us, we would be happy to answer them for you the very best we can. Please direct your questions to us at elizabeth@burneydisposal.com and type "FAQ Mount Shasta" in the subject line.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We look forward to a beautiful, productive relationship with your lovely town!

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