First Day of Mt. Shasta Blue Bag Recycling a SUCCESS


Standing ovations to our crew in Mt. Shasta for pulling off our first day of blue bag recycling without a hitch! Our Summit Disposal route supervisor, Michael Herndon and his team continue to work hard to optimize systems in our new service area and are doing an amazing job! Picking up the entire city's worth of residential recycling in one day is no small thing! We owe a big thank you to our new friends at Siskiyou Opportunity Center for helping us coordinate this effort and to our fabulous crew at the City of Mt. Shasta for always lending a helping hand whenever needed. Of course, much credit is also due to our incredible customers in the City of Mt. Shasta who have embraced these new systems with enthusiasm and flexibility! We are so proud of all of you for getting your blue bags out to the curb on time with very few exceptions. Our drivers thank you! Good work, everyone!! 

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