Residential and Commercial Can Service Agreement


Upon signing up for residential service, each customer agrees to the following agreement, which we call “ the dos and don'ts of trash.” The more formal title is the “residential and commercial can service agreement,” which has been in place for more than two decades. While our drivers are allowed to use their own discretion and at times choose to give warnings, we allow them to leave any can they perceive to be unsafe for them to dump or any can that is in direct violation of the following agreement with or without a warning.

We rely on customers to comply with the agreement they made at the start of their service and encourage all customers to call with questions regarding their own compliance. The purpose behind these rules is, quite simply, to keep our drivers safe and ensure the fair and equal treatment of all customers. Our staff is always willing to explain rules and work with customers as much as they can while maintaining our company’s dedication to fairness.

It has come to our attention that, in the past, rules may have been “bent” or exceptions may have been made by past employees. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and completely understand frustration that may arise when “special treatment” is revoked. Please rest assured that our policies have been reviewed and our current team is dedicated to giving everyone the same, great service and requiring everyone to play by the same rules. Please review the agreement here and call with any questions you may have.

Residential and Commercial Can Service Agreement

  1. Please put your cans out the night before your pick-up day. Place your cans at the curb or edge of the road.
  2. We require that your last name or street address be written on all cans. This is how we identify our customers and will not pick up your garbage if your name or address is not on your cans.
  3. We will pick up 1-3 cans (32-gallon size) or the equivalent per week for residential service or 1,2 or 3 cans (32-gallon size) for commercial sercice. Please make sure that your containers are no larger than 32 gallon each and the total weight of the can plus the contents are no more than 50 lbs (40 lbs for yellow tag customers). Your cans must have handles on them. This is because we do not have an automated system and our drivers must lift the cans over their heads to empty them. Please purchase cans, homemade cans are not allowed.
  4. Please do not put hazardous waste such as paint, antifreeze or car batteries, motor oil, pesticides, rocks, concrete or asphalt in your cans. Most of these items can be taken to our transfer station at low cost but do require special handling.
  5. If you expect to exceed the weekly can limit, please notify our office at least one day in advance of your pick-up day. There is an additional charge of $3.71 per can for residential service and $5.04 per can for commercial service, or equivalent over the weekly can limit. Any small items will be charged accordingly. We will be happy to pick up extra up to six cans total.
  6. We do not change our pick up days for any holiday. If your pick-up day falls on Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July etc. Put your garbage out – we will be there.
  7. Please bag all trash. Food items, fireplace ash, leaves/yard waste, vacuum cleaner contents, adult or baby diapers, disposable bed pads, doggy poop and kitty litter pose health hazards to our drivers if they are not contained. Bag all trash to ensure none of these items create hazards for our drivers or become loose in the neighborhood.
  8. If you leave, go on vacation, or move, please notify us. We will credit your account for less than three pickups in one month.
  9. If your garbage was not picked up for any reason, please notify us right away so we can fix the problem. Even if you occasionally forget to put your garbage out, we can usually swing by the next day if you let us know. Please keep in mind, there may be a charge for a return trip depending on the circumstances and customers living in outlying areas may not be eligible for return trips. We will always work with you to ensure a fair outcome if your trash is missed.
  10. Residential and commercial accounts are billed once a month on the first of each month, payment is due by the 10th for residential accounts and the 20th for commercial accounts. Keep in mind that some auto-pay programs through banks fail to get payments to us by due dates. If you plan to use one of these services, be sure to double check their policies on due dates. If unpaid by the due date, a late fee will be assessed and service may be cancelled. Should service be cancelled for nonpayment, we require a two-month deposit, a restart fee, the current month billing as well as any unpaid balance in order to restart your service.
  11. If you are unable to pay your account in full or may be late on your bill, please contact our office. We understand and will do our best to work with you. Just let us know before the due date.
  12. Please line your cans with plastic bags. This keeps your cans cleaner and will help keep your garbage from freezing in your cans in winter months or causing insect/odor issues in the summer.
  13. If you have problems with dogs or other critters in your area, you may use a rubber tie down strap (bungee cords) to hook the lid to the can. Please do not attach the lid to the can permanently. Burney Disposal, Inc. will not be held responsible for problems that arise from cans that are disturbed by wildlife or domestic animals.
  14. Please no Perma Lid Cans by Sears
  15. If you use hypodermic needles for diabetes, animal vaccinations, etc. the needles must be placed in a closed container, such as a jar or coffee can with lid. They can also be taken to the Shasta County Department of Social Services located at 36911 Hwy 299 E in Burney.

*Note: yellow-tag customers must follow the same rules as regular, curbside customers with the following exceptions: yellow-tagged cans or bags can not exceed 40 lbs. Yellow tags must be facing the road to be easily viewed by drivers. If customers are not on a main road or do not put out tags on a regular basis, it is a good idea to call the office so we can give the drivers a “heads up” to look for your yellow-tagged can/bag.  Each can/bag/item must have its own yellow tag in order to be picked up by our drivers.

 Helpful Hints

We suggest Rubbermaid Bruisers cans, which are available most everywhere. Do-it-Best hardware in Fall River Mills also has an excellent variety of 32-gallon cans to choose from, always in stoc

Mothballs or crystals in your can will help sweeten the can and sometimes will keep the dogs away from your cans. Ammonia and water in a spray bottle sprayed on cans is a good deterrent as is cayenne pepper sprinkled around the cans.

Please remember that your garbage is being picked up by a hardworking, well-meaning person and not a machine.


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