New Road and Safety Provisions

05-Jul-2017 The new, improved Cornaz Drive is now up and running without ruts, potholes or loose asphalt. The new road is our gift to the community as well as our attempt to increase safety along the corridor between our operation and Charley’s Recycling, which serves a large number of folks on a daily basis who tend to be on foot moving recyclables from their vehicles to the recycling center bays. Safety remains our number one priority at Burney Disposal and our dedication to a safe community extends further than our own crew and the community outreach programs we sponsor. We also feel a sense of responsibility to our neighbors whose homes and businesses share Cornaz Drive as well as the patrons, employees and passersby that visit our neighboring businesses. Because of this sense of responsibility, you'll notice that in addition to the newly paved road, there are now speed bumps, marked with yellow stripes. These bumps are designed to be a friendly reminder of the large vehicles entering and exiting the roadway and the pedestrians you may encounter as you travel along Cornaz Drive. We ask that drivers do not attempt to avoid the bumps, but instead take them as an invitation to slow down, be extra vigilant and help us create a safe place for our neighbors who are going to and from their homes as well as customers and their families who flow in and out of our office and Charley’s recycling center. We hope everyone enjoys the new road and the safety elements that are now in place to keep all of us out of harm’s way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 530-335-2723. A special thanks to EC Paving out of Redding for their hard work and excellent quality! Back To Recent News

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