Recycling slump further affects local programs


Dear customers,

Burney Disposal, Inc. has been working with regional recycling brokers to extend recycling programs into our area both as a service to our customers and as a boon for our local ecology. We strongly believe in the value of recycling programs and battle daily against the struggles we face as a rural refuse hauler. Unfortunately recycling comes down to transportation and the willingness and fiscal feasibility for haulers to make the trip to our neck of the woods to pick up the relatively small amount of recyclables we produce. When the recycling industry slumps, as it has over the last several months, the first folks to be dropped are those who are considered "out of the way." We qualify as an "out of the way" trip for all of our haulers. Because of this, some our recycling programs must be suspended until the market recovers and we once again are able to bring haulers to our depots. Please trust that as soon as the market turns around we will jump back in with our haulers and notify you of the reinstatement of our recycling programs. We appreciate your understanding as we push to provide as many helpful programs as possible to our Intermountain Area. Please click here to view new pricing for previously recyclable items and to see which items are still accepted free of charge. Thank you for your efforts to help us keep the Intermountain Area beautiful!

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