The Impact Of Your Efforts: Recycling Makes A Difference


We all know what it's like to be considered "small." We live in a "small town" with a "small, rural population" and  sometimes feel like we're considered insignificant in the grand scheme of things. There's a country song that says, "It's alright to be little bitty" and after 35 years in this wonderful area, we have to say it's much more than "alright" to live and work in rural Eastern Shasta county. Working with our small-town customers in a close-knit, cozy community makes us really glad to be part of a small area. But despite the size of our towns, Burney Disposal, Inc. has discovered that not everything about the Intermountain Area is "little bitty." In fact, our recycling and diversion efforts have had a great BIG impact on the environment. How big? Take a look: 

Over the past 6 months alone, our recycling and diversion efforts (which include scrap metal, appliances, latex paint, waste oil, e-waste, concrete, telephone polls, lead-based batteries and antifreeze) we have saved 710 cubic yards of landfill space, which amounts to 19,170 cubic feet. Considering the fact that a standard Aircraft Carrier is about 1,000 ft. long, that's a whole LOT of space that we have saved. There's nothing "little bitty" about the positive impact we are having on the environment. 

Thank you to all of our patrons who choose to help us in these efforts! Remember, the Burney transfer station is now diverting clean cardboard as well. Stay tuned for updates and call with any questions or comments. Who knew such a little community could make such a big difference? 


The crew at Burney Disposal, Inc. 

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