Wind/Fast Vehicles Tip Over Cans

12-Feb-2018 We have received some calls about cans being tipped over and after talking to our drivers we've gotten to the bottom of it. We would like to assure our customers that our drivers are not intentionally tipping cans over. It seems that once the cans are dumped there is nothing to keep them weighted down enough to stop them from tipping over. One way to stop this is for our drivers to nest the cans inside each other but this can cause them to become stuck together. Wind or vehicles driving past empty cans can cause them to tip over once they are empty. One way to stop this from happening is to bring them in as soon as possible after they are dumped. Some people in Burney have even been known to take their neighbors' cans up their driveways for them to help stop cans from rolling around during the day while folks are at work (don't you love people in small towns?!). Our drivers apologize for the tipped cans and welcome ideas on how to stop them from tipping over once they are empty. If you have any ideas, please call 530-335-2723 and ask for Elizabeth. 
Thank you for your input as always! We are always open to new ways to serve you better! Back To Recent News

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