AB 341 Compliance Made Simple

About The Legislation

Beginning July 1, 2011, the adoption of legislation AB 341 took effect. This legislation is designed to help meet California’s recycling goal of 75 percent by the year 2020. The law requires California commercial enterprises and public entities that generate four or more cubic yards per week of waste, and multi-family housing complexes (such as apartment buildings and mobile home parks) with five or more units to adopt recycling practices.

Benefits Of AB 341

In addition to helping our community do its part to reduce the waste flow into landfills, this legislation will also contribute to local economies. The Department of Resource Recycling estimated that local jurisdictions, schools and businesses will save $40 million to $60 million per year from 2012-2020, due to lower recycling versus disposal costs. A higher volume of recyclables will also create jobs in the manufacturing and recycling industries and help contribute to California’s economic growth.

Compliance With AB 341 Is Easy With Burney Disposal and Summit Disposal

All of us at BDI and SDI recognize that change can be disruptive, especially to your business and your bottom line. This is why we are proud to be working along side our AB 341 customers to make the transition to greener, cleaner waste disposal practices simple, cost efficient and seamless. Burney Disposal and Summit Disposal bring our 43 years of industry knowledge to work for you by utilizing our relationships with city and county governments as well as Cal Recycle to ensure that we are up to date with current guidelines and able to provide the services and documentation you need to meet and exceed AB 341 requirements.

Keep Your Recycling Dollars Local

One of the best parts of AB 341 is its potential to generate tons (literally) of recyclable materials, which could translate into hundreds of dollars in recycling refunds. Out of town companies line their pockets with your recycling dollars by charging outrageous fees for their services. At BDI and SDI we consider ourselves to be stewards of our communities and, as such, we pledge to keep your recycling costs low and your recycling dollars local. Our time-honored partnerships with organizations such as the Burney-Fall River Education Foundation, VFW, Chamber of Commerce and Siskiyou Opportunity Center ensure that any and all profits will be poured back into the communities we have proudly served and supported for 35 years. We pledge these dollars to you, our customers and neighbors.

AB 341 Frequently Asked Questions