Before the snow flies ...


Halloween is right around the corner and we have finally received our first cold-weather forecast. Before we know it, snow and ice will once again take its place in our daily lives here in the Intermountain area. To prepare, we wanted to give you a few tips to avoid frozen garbage that sticks to the inside of your can (we call them trashsicles ). Lining your cans is still your best bet to save yourself from mess. Bagged garbage is much less likely to leak liquids that freeze and stick the trash to the inside of the can. If you are lining your cans and still having problems with the cold, we suggest spraying the inside of the cans with a can of bargain-brand non-stick cooking spray. No need to use the fancy stuff, just a little spray and the bags will slide right out when the time comes.

As always, we thank you for choosing to be a Burney Disposal, Inc. customer and we are here to answer your questions whenever you need us. Give us a call, send us a message or come on by any time.

Happy harvest, everyone!

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