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Office closed at Noon this Friday

In honor of Good Friday our corporate office at 37484 B Cornaz Drive will close at noon on 4/2/2021. All transfer station and curb..

Fall River Valley Snow NEW Update

UPDATE AS OF 1:20 pm Friday Jan 29: The Fall River Transfer Station will be OPEN tomorrow, Saturday Jan 30. Fall River Valley ..

Attn. Customers in the Glenburn/Dana Area

Attention customers in the Glenburn/Dana area whose cans were missed this week due to snow accumulation! We are so sorry..

Transfer Station Closed Today

Due to snow accumulation on Black Ranch Rd. and at the site itself, the Burney Transfer Station will be closed today, Wednesda..

Reminders for inclement weather

Hello there! The winter weather has been upon us for some time now and we want to send a friendly reminder to our customers to..

Transfer Stations Closed Sat. July 4

In observance of the Fourth of July Holiday, the transfer stations in Burney and Fall River Mills will be closed Saturday, Jul..

Summit Disposal to take over Mt. Shasta Customer Service July 1

It is with great excitement that we announce a big change in our operations in Mt. Shasta! As of July 1, 2020 our customers wi..

Please Tarp Loads

Attention Burney Transfer Station customers, we are noticing a significant increase in debris along Black Ranch Rd. Please sec..

Bag and tie trash to prevent the spread of germs

Burney Disposal and Summit Disposal asks its customers to help in the effort to keep our communities clean and sanitary. Baggi..

Corporate Office Closing Early for Good Friday

The Burney Disposal, Inc. Summit Disposal, Inc. Corporate Office will close at noon today in observance of Good Friday. We wil..

Burney Disposal Office Open - Closed to public

In an effort to protect our customers and encourage folks to stay at home as much as possible, our corporate office will remai..

Access to our Services & Bill Pay while Social Distancing

During this time of uncertainty, we want to reach out to those of our customers who are medically fragile, are parents of young ch..

Burney Disposal, Inc. Office Closes at 11 Monday

Happy President's Day, everyone! Our office will be open Monday, February 17 from 7 a.m. - 11 a.m. The office will reopen at 7..

Office Closing 2 p.m.

Hello out there to everyone in this Winter Wonderland! Our office will be closing today at 2 p.m. to allow our employees to dr..

Burney Disposal, Inc. and Summit Disposal, Inc. Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at Burney Disposal and Summit Disposal! Please remember, our curbside collect..

Veteran's Day Office Hours

The Burney Disposal and Summit Disposal office will close Monday 11/11 at noon in observance of Veteran's Day. A sincere thanks to..

Labor Day Weekend - Schedule and Changes

We wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day weekend! Please see the below schedule and changes as they may affect your plans. ..

BDI Office Closed Early 7/18/19

The Burney Disposal, Inc. office will close early today at 1:20. We will reopen bight and early tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. To ..

4th of July Schedule

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Just a friendly reminder that holidays never affect curbside collection in any of our service are..

First Day of Mt. Shasta Blue Bag Recycling a SUCCESS

Standing ovations to our crew in Mt. Shasta for pulling off our first day of blue bag recycling without a hitch! Our Summit Di..

Burney Disposal Office and Transfer Station Holiday Hours

Just a friendly reminder that our Burney and Fall River Mills transfer stations will be closed this Saturday, 5/25 to allow ou..

Burney and Fall River Transfer Stations Will Observe Memorial Day Holiday

Hello, BDI Customers. In order to allow our transfer station staff to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend with their families, both..

BDI Office Closed at Noon on Good Friday

The BDI Office will be closed after Noon in observance of Good Friday. Route information and transfer station hours will remai..

FAQ for Mount Shasta Customers

Hello and happy Monday to our customers in beautiful Mount Shasta. During our first week of service in your area we received s..

New Mount Shasta Division to Launch April 1

UPDATE: FAQ for our Mount Shasta Customers is available at this link (

Some Customers Experiencing Weather Related Service Interruption

Today, Friday March, 8 2019 our truck was unable to reach the Big Bend area and the area past Circle Oaks Drive on Day Road du..

Snow MAY affect Big Bend and/or Day Road Tomorrow

Snow is once again in the forecast for our area. Customers in Big Bend and the Day Road area MAY experience service interrupti..

Snow Credits Explained

It has come to our attention that the term "snow credit" may be confusing to some customers. We apologize for the lack of clarity ..

Fall River Transfer Station Closed Feb. 23

The Fall River Transfer Station has not been plowed and is still unsafe for customers and employees. Therefore, this site will be ..

Fall River Transfer Station MAY be Closed Due to Snow

Attention, Fall River Mills transfer station customers: As of this afternoon, the Fall River Transfer Station site has not bee..

Both Transfer Stations Open Today

The weather was not as severe as forecasted! Both the Burney and Fall River Mills sites will be open today, Feb. 16, 2019 from 8 a..

Big Bend Customers Issued Snow Credits

Our trucks were unable to make it down to Big Bend this morning due to road conditions on HWY 299. All Big Bend customers were..

Fall River Mills Transfer Station Customers Urged to Check Web Before Driving to Site

Attention, Fall River Mills Transfer Station customers! Please be advised that our Fall River Mills site is very susceptible t..

Please Check Web Before Making the Trip to Transfer Stations

Customers are urged to check this website or to ensure sites are open before making the trip t..

Big Bend and Day Road MAY be Impacted by Weather-Related Service Interruptions

Attention Big Bend and Day Road Customers! Please be aware that the forecast is calling for severe weather again tonight. If the s..

BDI Office to Close Early

Attention, Burney Disposal, Inc. Customers - Our office will be closing at 2 p.m. today to allow our employees to get home to thei..

President's Day Hours

Hello BDI Customers! The BDI Office will be closed Monday, Feb 18 2019 in observance of Presidents' Day. You can use this webs..

Transfer Station to Close Early Today

Attention Burney Transfer Station customers, the Burney Transfer Station will be closing at 11 a.m. today, Wednesday FEb 13, 2..

New Years Holiday Hours

Happy New Year, everyone! It is hard to believe we are almost to 2019! We wish you and yours a happy, healthy, prosperous new ..

Christmas Hours -- Fa la la!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Our staff is starting to get into the spirit of the Holidays around here and we sincerely wish each..

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

It's never too early to plan for the holidays and at Burney Disposal, Inc. we're already thinking about pumpkin pie and turkey..

Labor Day 2018 Schedule

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Please note the below holiday schedule while keeping in mind that holidays never affect curbside co..

Burney Disposal 4th of July/ Burney Basin Days Hours

This year, Burney Disposal, Inc. will observe holiday hours to allow our team members to enjoy Burney Basin Days with their fa..

Memorial Day Holiday: Closures and Changes

Happy Memorial Day to our Customers! We hope all of you enjoy a safe, restful weekend enjoying the freedoms and liberties affo..

"Stop, Look and Listen" returns for its second year

The Stop, Look and Listen program is back for its second year, this time at Fall River Elementary School! The program launched las..

Intermountain Earth Week Events Info Page

April 16-20: Tri-County Community Network will facilitate an "earth week" curriculum for children enr..

Intermountain Earth Week April 16-22

Intermountain Earth Week is a collaboration between Burney Disposal and the Tri-County Community Network and strives to connec..

BDI Office Closing at Noon Today

Reminder: BDI will close today at noon in observance of Good Friday. We will reopen Monday morning at 7 a.m. When the office i..

BDI Office Closes at Noon Good Friday 3/30

The Burney Disposal, Inc. office will close at noon tomorrow, March 30 in observance of Good Friday. We will reopen at 7 a.m. ..

AB341 Letters from Shasta County

Some of our commercial and multi-unit housing customers may have received a letter in the mail from Shasta County regarding AB..

Snow Affects Routes and Transfer Stations

The Fall River transfer station will be closed tomorrow, March 17 due to snow accumulation in the area. As of right now, the Burne..

Intermountain Community Recycles 297 tons in 2017

Congratulations to the Intermountain Area for proving that small communities can make a big difference! In 2017 Burney Disposal, I..

Snow May Affect Pick-Up in Outlying Areas

Ahh, Spring in the mountains. Just days ago we were all out enjoying the sun and today we have snow flying and chain requirements...

President's Day Hours

Routes will run as usual Monday, February 19 and the office will be open from 7 a.m. until noon. The office will reopen with n..

BDI Staff Completes CPR/AED Training

Burney Fire Protection District gave an excellent class for CPR/AED training today, rounding out a month-long effort to certif..

Wind/Fast Vehicles Tip Over Cans

We have received some calls about cans being tipped over and after talking to our drivers we've gotten to the bottom of it. We wou..

BDI Curbside Not Affected by Presidents' Day Holiday

Just a reminder to everyone that Burney Disposal curbside service is never disrupted by holidays! The upcoming President's Day..

Curbside Never Affected By Holidays

Happy New Year, Everyone! Just a reminder that your curbside collection is never affected by holidays. Should your pick-up day fal..

Office Closing at Noon Today

Burney Disposal, Inc. is closing at noon today to allow our staff to prepare for the Christmas holiday. We'll see you bright and e..

BDI Holiday Hours

Merry Christmas, everyone! Please see our 2017/18 holiday-season hours below. If you have any questions, give us a call at 530-335..

Fire Place Ash: The Most Dangerous Thing You Throw Away

With changes in the weather come the inevitable puffs of smoke from chimneys, adding to the cozy, fall feeling. Here in the high c..

BDI locations closed for Labor Day and Labor Day Weekend

Attn Customers: Both the Burney and the Fall River Mills Transfer Stations will be closed Saturday, Sept 2 in observance of the..

New Road and Safety Provisions

The new, improved Cornaz Drive is now up and running without ruts, potholes or loose asphalt. The new road is our gift to the comm..

Office Still Open During Construction

Hello! As you may have noticed, Cornaz Drive is under construction as our new road/parking lot is installed by EC Paving! We are v..

Residential and Commercial Can Service Agreement

Upon signing up for residential service, each customer agrees to the following agreement, which we call “ the dos and do..

Please Place Your Cans Out The Night Before Your Pick-Up Day

We received a series of calls this morning from customers who had waited to put their cans out until early this morning and were d..

Cornaz Drive Paving Project Scheduled For June 24-28

ATTN: Customers and Cornaz Drive Residents Burney Disposal, Inc. is sponsoring a paving project for the stretch of Cornaz Dri..

Clarification For Cardboard Recyclers

Attn: Cardboard Recyclers The Burney Transfer Station is still accepting cardboard at no charge from residential and commerci..

BDI's Elizabeth Tyler Honored as "Paul Harris Fellow" by Local Rotary Club

All of us at Burney Disposal, Inc. are honored to announce that our Elizabeth Tyler was named a Paul Harris Fellow by The Rotary C..

Free Cardboard Recycling: Residential & Commercial

The Burney Transfer Station, located at 21105 Black Ranch Rd, is currently accepting free cardboard recycling for BOTH residential..

Yellow Tags Now For Sale At Do-It-Best Hardware in Fall River Mills

Fall River Valley Customers: Our Yellow Tags will now be available for purchase at Do-It-Best Hardware in Fall River Mills r..

Shasta Co. And CalRecycle Take Closer Look At Commercial Recycling in IM Area

According to recent inquiries from Shasta Co. Department of Public Works, the state and county entities that oversee commercial re..

Fall River Transfer Station Open 2/4/17

We are pleased to announce that our Fall River transfer station site will be open to the public this Saturday, 2/4/17 for normal h..

Fall River Transfer Station Update

Attn: Fall River Transfer Station customers, we are working with the county road department to get the transfer station site r..

Burney Transfer Station Closed At Noon 1/18

ATTN Burney Transfer Station Customers: Due to worsening conditions at the site and poor road conditions, our Burney Transfer Stat..

Update: Fall River Transfer Station

ATTN: Fall River Transfer Station customers, Due to soft ground and 4-wheel-drive conditions beyond the gate at our site ..

Update: Burney and Fall River Transfer Stations

Hello, Transfer Station customers! We want to thank you for your patience with us as we made our way though the storms last we..

Burney Transfer Station Closed Sat. Jan. 7

Due to current road conditions and continuing snow build-up, the Burney Transfer Station will be closed today. By closing our site..

Drivers Grateful For Community Support

On behalf of our drivers, we want to thank everyone for their willingness to help make their cans more accessible. The snow banks ..

Fall River Transfer Station Closed Sat 1/7 Due to Snow

Attention Fall River Valley Transfer Station Customers: Due to a large field of snow, which has now turned to ice, blocking th..

Delays Due To Snow: Drivers Still Trying To Pick Up Wednesday Garbage

Our drivers are running behind today due to the snow and road conditions. Operating large equipment safely in such hazardous condi..

Drivers' Request: Please Clear Snow From In Front Of Cans

Hello, fellow winter-wonderland residents! Our drivers made it back today safe and sound (whew!) but they had a few requests for o..

Disposing of Christmas Trees with BDI

When it's time to throw away your Christmas tree, please remember that promptness is key if you wish to do so without incurrin..

Drivers Continue to Serve Despite Snow

For all of you gazing out your windows at the snow, remember that our drivers will do everything they can to ensure that your pick..

All Locations Return to Normal Hours

All Burney Disposal, Inc. locations have returned to normal business hours. None of our locations or pick up schedules will be..

BDI Office Adjusts Hours In Response To Recent Local Events

In light of the recent events in our town, the BDI office is closing at 4 p.m. to ensure none of our employees are alone at any of..

Burney Disposal, Inc. Bill Pay IS Secure

Some customers have mentioned their anti-virus software has alerted them to the possibility that our website or bill-pay is "u..

Location closures for the Christmas Holiday

In observance of the Christmas holiday, the transfer stations in Fall River Mills and in Burney will be closed 12/24 (Christma..

Transfer Stations Closed For Christmas Eve

Attn: Transfer Station Customers. The Burney and Fall River Mills Transfer Stations will be closed Saturday Dec. 24 in obs..

New and Improved Web Pay Is Back!

ATTN: Web-Pay Customers: Our web-pay system is back up and running after a brief disturbance as we migrated to a new, improved..

Winter Weather Policy In Effect For Big Bend and Day Road Customers


Web Pay Is Down Temporarily

ATTN web-pay customers. Our web-pay system is down temporarily while we migrate to a new and improved system. Please call our offi..

Chris Mundell of Burney Wins Free Garbage Service

Congratulations to Chris Mundell of Burney, who won our fall drawing for a free month of garbage service by filling out one of our..

Cell Phones For Soldiers Holiday Phone Drive

Burney Disposal, Inc. began partnership with Cell Phones for Soldiers in 2012 during the deployment of one of our employees, w..

Fall River Transfer Site Reopens Each Sat. beginning Nov. 5

Great news for our transfer station customers in the Fall River valley! Due to the opening of the Cassel-Fall River bridge, ou..

Intermountain Refuse Monthly - November 2016

Intermountain Refuse Monthly for November 2016 November is bringing a lot of change this year, not just for Burney Dispos..

Plan Ahead For Extra Holiday Trash

With all of the decorating, cooking and planning that comes with the holiday season, most people are not thinking about what t..

Day Road Service Bulletin

As many folks already know, Burney Disposal is working with community members to bring service to homes in the Day Road area. ..

Customers, Neighbors Help Keep BDI Drivers Safe

(Above Left: Our roll off driver Wilson with his 3-year-old son, Wyatt. Above Right: Our route driver Shane with his wif..

Our Dedication to Safety

At Burney Disposal, Inc. our dedication to safety is at the heart of what we do. Alongside customer service, safety stands as ..

Please bag and tie fireplace ash

Attention customers with wood-burning stoves: With the colder evenings upon us, our drivers are reporting lots of loose f..

4th of July 2016 Holiday Hours

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Independence Day falls on a Monday this year. See below to find out how the holiday will affect o..

Recycling Surveys Available at BDI Office

Attn: Paying Customers: State and County recycling initiatives affect you the most! Please come to the office and fill out a recyc..

Spring Tire Recycling Event- Shasta Dist. Fair Grounds

Have some extra tires on your property? Want to dispose of them responsibly? How about free of charge? If this sounds inte..

Recycling Program Updated as of 2/5/16

Great news! We have worked to re-open our cardboard program to residential customers only. If you have residential quantities ..

Recycling slump further affects local programs

Dear customers, Burney Disposal, Inc. has been working with regional recycling brokers to extend recycling programs into o..

BDI Maintains ZERO Injury Workplace

BDI would like to congratulate and thank our team for a PERFECT year of safety. In 2015 Burney Disposal had ZERO work-related inju..

Recycling Market Slumps - Affects Local Programs

Due to an unfortunate slump in the recycling market, many of our current programs must be put on hold pending a positive chang..

Appliances $5 each at Burney Transfer Station

Due to increased disposal costs, all household appliances will cost $5 each for disposal at the Burney Transfer station and Recycl..

New-Year Bin Special

Back by (very) popular request are our 2-yard bin specials for the New Year! Come on by the office and pay $100 and receive yo..

Holiday Schedule

Happy Holiday Season, everyone! Take a look below to see how the holidays will affect our office and transfer station hours. R..

Paint Care Opens to Public 10/3

Our new PaintCare program for paint recycling opens to the public 10/3 at the Burney Transfer Station and Recycling Center loc..

Pair of Bald Eagles Sighted Near Burney Transfer Station

A pair of bald eagles was caught on camera by Rocky McCarley, our mechanic (and amateur bird watcher/ videographer) near the Burne..

Printable Calendar for Fall River Transfer Station Customers

Right-Click the image below, save it to your computer then print! Remember: The Burney Transfer Station and Recycling Cen..

Fall River Transfer Site Re-Opens Despite Bridge Closure

Burney Disposal, Inc. is very pleased to announce that after only four days of closure, affecting zero operational days, the Fall ..

PaintCare Arrives at Burney Transfer Station 10/1

Burney Disposal, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of the PaintCare program to our family of services effective October 1..

Fall River Transfer Station Closed For Labor Day Weekend

Attn Fall River Transfer Station Customers, The Transfer Station in Fall River Mills will be closed Sept. 5th in observan..

Burney Disposal Efforts Focus on Fire Support

As most of you know, fires in Trinity County are demanding resources from far and wide to assist with support. Burney Disposal..

Cardboard Recycling Shifts to Fall/ Winter Program

Our Cardboard recycling program will make the shift to Fall/Winter beginning Sept. 1. This means all cardboard recycling will ..

Rate and Fee Change

Please note that our annual cost-of-living price increase has gone into effect as of July 1, 2015. Residential service is now ..

4th of July - Transfer Stations Closed, No Change for Curbside Pickup

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Burney Disposal, Inc. will be celebrating the 4th with the community but, as always, your pick u..

Join the NEW IM Tourism and Marketing Group

Everyone who lives in a community has a vested interest in seeing it thrive and succeed. If you are a business, you do it for ..

Good Friday

In observance of Good Friday the Burney Disposal, Inc. office will close today at noon. We will reopen bright and early Monday..

A BIG thanks to this year's recyclers

We would like to take a moment to thank our long list of recyclers who have come to the Burney Transfer Station this year to r..

Office Closure For Good Friday

In observance of Good Friday the Burney Disposal, Inc. office will close at noon. We will reopen bright and early Monday morni..

Recycle your e-waste today!

ATTN customers and community members: It appears that the recycling boom we have been enjoying may be on the decline. Fi..

The BDI Girls are Excel POWER users!

Thanks to yesterday's training, your BDI office staffers are up to date on the newest and best features of the Microsoft Excel..

Office closed 3/19 for personnel training

The Burney Disposal, Inc. office will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, March 19, 2015 for personnel training to help us better se..

Changes in Recycling Market Affect IM Area

ATTN customers and community members: It appears that the recycling boom we have been enjoying may be on the decline. Fi..

E-Waste Recycling Changes

Dear customers, Our e-waste recycler has sent us notification that the cost for recycling small appliances, keyboards, mic..

SUPPORT THE AMBULANCE FUND! Place an ad in the 'Men of Burney Disposal' calendar


Burney Disposal's Elizabeth Tyler elected vice president of FRVCC board of directors

Burney Disposal, Inc. is proud to announce that our Elizabeth Tyler has been elected vice president of the Fall River Valley C..

Holiday Hours of Operation

Merry Christmas, everyone! Below are our holiday hours of operation. There will be no change to the curbside pick..

BDI Newsletter ... almost as good as freshly baked cookies

Christmas is (almost) in the air and nothing says "Happy Holidays" like a fresh batch of refuse news. Our newsletter may not s..

One Service Area, One Great Place To Live

Burney Disposal, Inc. is proud to announce it's membership in the Fall River Valley Chamber of Commerce. Burney and Fall River..

Green Waste Accepted

Despite the end of our summer green waste days, green waste will continue to be accepted at the Burney Transfer Station on Wed..

Service Restored to Evacuated Areas- All Evacuations Lifted

BDI is glad to report that all evacuations in our service area have been lifted. If you are a customer in Hat Creek, Cassel, J..

Service continues during fire and evacuations

BDI will continue to pick up garbage for customers who have not been evacuated due to fire danger. If you are still here, we a..

Last Two Green Waste Days Approaching!

Hello green waste recyclers! This is a reminder that the last two days of our green waste recycling pilot program are fast app..

Pesticide Container Disposal Event 8/14-8/15

Take a look at the flyer for the upcoming Pesticide Container Recycling event! Save the date and safely dispose of your pestic..

August 2-Yard Bin Specials at YOUR service!

Back by (very) popular request are our 2-yard bin specials for the month of August! Come on by the office and pay $100 and rec..

4th of July holiday hours

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Burney Disposal, Inc. will be celebrating the 4th with the community but, as always, your pi..

Green Waste Days Announced!


Web Pay Problems?

Attention customers: If you are experiencing problems with our web pay module, it is most likely because the new upgrade requires ..

Web pay has a new look!

As you may have noticed, our web pay system has undergone an upgrade, adding new features and a fresh new look! You can expect to ..


We are sorry to inform you that our web-pay system is experiencing technical difficulties. We are working diligently to correc..

Wep pay problem resolved

Great news! It looks like web pay is back up and running. We hope there are no more glitches. However, if you have any trouble ple..

Web pay is BACK!

Our web pay is back up and running! Thank you to everyone who hung in there with us and handled the tech hiccup with grace and..

Technical Difficulties with Online Bill Pay

ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: The online bill pay module is currently down. We are working to correct the problem and will update you as so..

Recycling coming soon to the Fall River Valley!

Single Stream Recycling (glass, aluminum, plastic, clean cardboard, and bundled newspaper/magazines/paper) is coming to the Fa..

Our Crew Gets Funky to Wish You a Happy Easter

It just wouldn't be Easter without some sassy moves from our resident garbage guys so please enjoy this music video and have a..

FREE medication disposal event!

Have old prescription medication at your home? Dispose of it safely and at ZERO cost at this month's Medication Disposal Event..

Please bag fireplace ash before placing in cans

With the colder weather upon us, our drivers are reporting lots of loose fireplace ash being disposed of recently. Loose ash i..

Burney Disposal, Inc. Welcomes New Driver to Crew

The BDI family has grown by one this month as it welcomes Michael Herndon to the crew! Michael lives in Burney with his wife S..

How would YOU benefit from a GREEN waste program?

BDI wants to hear from you! Would you or your business benefit from a green waste program? Do you have ideas or comments about..

BDI Holiday Hours

The Burney Transfer Station will be closed Wednesday December 25th in observance of the Christmas Holiday and Wednesday Januar..

Thanksgiving Hours

Happy Thanksgiving to our customers and community members! Our office will be closed Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th in ..

Office open M-F from 7a.m. to 5 p.m.

Hello, customers! The BDI office has resumed regular business hours from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Come o..

Burney Basin Days 2013

Hello, everyone! Happy Independence Week! All of us at BDI are getting REALLY excited about the festivities this weekend. Our ..

Voluntary Glass Recycling

Hello, BDI Customers! Today is the first day of Summer! It is also the first weekend that the Burney Transfer Station & Re..

Green Waste Solutions

Dear Customer, As you may have heard the Shasta County green waste yard has closed in Fall River Mills. We strongly encour..

It's a beautiful day for cardboard diversion!

Today is Wednesday, which means our Burney Transfer Station and Recycling center is open from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. We are open ..


Attention customers: Our Web Pay system is back online! Thank you to everyone who helped us get the problem resolved!..


Attention Customers, As some of you have already noticed, our web pay system is down. We are working diligently to fix the..

June Newsletter!!

The newsletter for June is hot and fresh off the presses. In fact, it hasn't even been released yet! This means that you still..

May Newsletter

Are you "in the know"? Would you consider yourself to be creative and innovative? Then you need to be subscribed to our BDI Ne..

BDI Office to Close Early in Observance of Good Friday

The Burney Disposal, Inc. office located at 37484B Cornaz Drive will close at noon this Friday, March 29th in observance of Go..

Are you subscribed to our newsletter?

At Burney Disposal, Inc., we understand that your inbox is sacred. The idea of subscribing to another newsletter might make yo..

Fall River Transfer Station OPEN

Attention Fall River Customers: Thanks to the hard work of the Shasta County road department, the transfer station on Fall Riv..

FREE waste-oil recycling

Got waste oil? Bring it out to the Burney Transfer Station and Recycling Center (

Fall River Mills Transfer Station CLOSED until further notice

Due to the snow and ice build up at the Fall River Transfer Station on Fall River Cassel Road, the transfer station will be cl..

A BIG thank you to our customers

All of us at BDI would like to thank our customers for your giving spirit and generosity this holiday season. Our drivers were..

New Year's Holiday Hours

Burney Disposal, Inc. would like to extend our wishes for a safe and happy New Year. Our office will be open until noon on Mon..


Attention Customers: Due to the abnormally heavy snow fall, our trucks will be a bit behind schedule today and, depending on y..

Transfer Stations Closed Due to Storm

ATTENTION: Due to the inclement weather the Burney and Fall River Mills transfer stations will be closed tomorrow, Saturday De..

More than 300 children served by fire hall gift drive

Burney Disposal, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Burney Fire/EMS toy drive was a huge success this year. A representativ..

Winter Weather Policy

Just like a lot of you out there, our curbside-collection crew is gearing up for work in the inclement weat..

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Burney Disposal, Inc. is conducting a customer service survey. Click HERE ( to give u..

FREE appliance days are back!

Need to get rid of some old appliances? Burney Disposal, Inc. is happy to announce the return of FREE appliance days at the Bu..

The more you give, the more WE give!

At Burney Disposal, Inc. we believe that every child deserves to experience the joy of opening a Christmas gift. That's why we..

Before the snow flies ...

Halloween is right around the corner and we have finally received our first cold-weather forecast. Before we know it, snow and..

Get social with BDI

Burney Disposal, Inc. invites you to get social with us on Facebook ( We know t..

The Impact Of Your Efforts: Recycling Makes A Difference

We all know what it's like to be considered "small." We live in a "small town" with a "small, rural population" and sometimes..

New Cardboard Diversion Program

Burney Disposal, Inc. is proud to announce its new cardboard diversion program, which will not only ensure that the Intermount..

Waste Oil Recycling

Got waste oil? Burney Disposal, Inc. will take it off your hands at no charge at the Burney Transfer Station and recycle it fo..

July Cell Phone Drive

Calling all customers! Burney Disposal, Inc. asks you to answer the call to serve those who serve our nation by donating your ..

Green Waste Burn Information

We have been receiving a lot of questions recently about green waste and disposal options for our customers. Shasta County all..

FREE tire recycling in Burney

The Shasta County Department of Resource Management is hosting a FREE tire recycling event for residents of Shasta County from..

BDI Recycling Report

It’s time for another Recycling Report and all of us at BDI would like to applaud your efforts to keep the Intermountain..

Pioneer Day

The Fort Crook Historial Society's Pioneer Day is right around the corner and Burney Disposal, Inc. wanted to take a moment to..

New Online Bill Pay

Burney Disposal, Inc. is proud to announce our new online bill pay application, which will go live on the next billing cycle. ..

BDI Recycling Report

Thank you to all of our neighbors who have been so faithful in their dedication to going green and keeping our area beautiful!..

Latex Paint Exchange at the Paint Barn

Do you have latex paint that you need to recycle? Bring it to the Paint Barn at the Burney Transfer Station on Wednesdays and ..

Free E-waste Recycling

E-waste recycling is now available at the Burney transfer station on Black Ranch Road! Bring televisions, microwaves, computer..

Partnering with KKRN 88.5 FM

Burney Disposal has partnered with KKRN community radio out of Bella Vista. Help support free speech and a healthy, informed c..

Recycle That Old Antifreeze and Motor Oil

Burney Disposal is now recycling antifreeze and used motor oil at our Burney transfer station for your convenience! Up to 5 ga..

Burney Disposal Partnering with Cell Phones for Soldiers.

Burney Disposal, Inc. is partnering with Cell Phones for Soldiers, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a connect..

Burney Disposal Feed